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We focus on the development of new Fin Tech analytical and operational solutions for banks. We deliver game changing capabilities based on a true holistic approach. Our solutions create incomparable improvements in business performance, leading to double digit sales growth.

What makes us different?

We are delivering our own business solutions.

We are leaders in Fin Tech banking technologies.

Our solutions reflect a deep understanding of banking.


We are creating double digit business growth.

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Assisto’s Holistic Sales Concept is founded on three base principles being Sales Readiness, Mastery and Security. Their combination ensures sustainable business growth. As the banks in today’s world are already well developed, we always carefully review the existing status of each particular bank in order to optimize existing processes and key competencies.


Our Customer Offer Optimization (COO) drives massive sales growth, at least 25% plus, with parallel Credit risk decrease. The solution is applying Assisto’s state of the art analytics and machine learning on the banks own data to get unprecedently high business benefits.


Our customer Sales Mastery Engine covers the central management of all sales and relationship activities, starting with the management of the offers, through customer on-boarding, through to receivable collection while achieving best sales and customer loyalty results.


The ideal Risk and Fraud management measures are those that are not visible to customers but maintain strong protection. Therefore, we integrate them seamlessly to our solutions allowing us to achieve simultaneously best business results, and low risk.


We are helping financial institutions resolve problems related to Strategic advisoryFinTech competition, Performance management and leadershipProcesses and product simplification and reengineering and Risk & Fraud management optimization.


Digitalizing has to ensure you an uplift of your efficiency for your business operations. Our aim is to provide innovative digital content management solutions and give businesses an electronic and secure way to easily capture, archive, and manage business documents and information.

Use case

Many banks around the globe are facing problems with relevant usability of their existing customer base. The two main reasons are, that for majority of customers the bank may not be the main bank, so the bank may have only limited client data recorded. Second major cause is a high number of non-eligible customers placed on the black lists, recorded defaults or due other risk related measures.

The Assisto Consulting End to End solution is solving limitations for financial institutions. By addressing data shortage, improving optimization-based decision making and real time customer relationship mastering, those problems will be solved. As a result, significantly larger share of customer base will receive truly relevant offers and the number of non-eligible customers will start to shrink, so your portfolio size and your profit will be boosted. They have the potential to growth by double digit pace.

About us

ASSITO CONSULTING LTD was founded by experienced banking professionals with strong skills in Risk management, Fraud management, CRM, Sales and Marketing.

Our motto “More than just consulting” represents our obligation to customers, to bring them Innovative End to End solutions based on a deep knowledge of industry best practices and visions that are ensuring tangible business results.

In order to achieve that we spend over 30% of our time and capacity on the development of new business and risk management approaches, algorithms and technology. As a result, Assisto is a leader in Fin Tech technologies for business growth in the banking industry.

Our solutions are based on the SAS Institute’s software. With enjoy strong and long-lasting partnership with SAS. To improve the performance of your business contact us directly or through your local SAS office.

We gave a set of data to SAS and Assisto, and they calculated exactly the number of pre-approved loans expected by the end of the project (December 2016) and how much money we could earn from them. We had already 110.000 pre-approved loans and the business case promised to double the number, to have 4 products instead of one and return on investment in two years.
Dejan Donev

Head of Risk Management Division, Erste Bank Croatia

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