In today’s world banks face major decisions that will impact their future like never before. The decisions are driven by a complex combination of regulations, rapid digital technology disruptions and generational changes in customer attitude and expectations. Assisto’s helps financial institutions to resolve those challenges including its proper reflection in their products, processes and systems.

Even in digital era the human factor is key for overall success. We help customers redefine Performance management and leadership building new capabilities to adapt for all existing and coming disruptions and new market conditions.

The key prerequisite for efficient and successful digitalisation of a banks operation, is the transformation of products and processes that had been set up in analogue era to address the needs of the new digital world. Our deep expertise enables us to guide several financial institutions successfully through complex Processes, product simplification, reengineering and transformation projects.

Risk and Fraud management are no longer isolated functionalities driven by regulatory requirements, but they are rather integrated functionalities supporting streamlined and competent processes within financial institutions. To achieve that, preciseness and sustainable usability had to be reached. Our Risk & Fraud management optimization helps to achieve the required precision in these processes and have it as competitive advantage.